Arcana Foundation, Inc.

A District of Columbia Foundation

Funding Social Needs for DC Residents


Arcana Foundation is an independent foundation incorporated in the state of Delaware in October 1986.  

The foundation was originally created for the purposes of charitable giving in the areas of education, humanities, community service and the arts.

In recent years, Arcana has been focusing exclusively in social services within (or that serve the residents) of the District of Columbia.  Within this vast scope are programs that focus on adolescent social issues, transitional housing, health, senior care and career training.

It is Arcana's intent to bridge the chasm in society by fortifying programs that serve our residents.


Areas of Funding

Adolescent Programs

Behavioral Health & Wellbeing, Job & Life Skills Training

Senior Programs

Stimulating a sense of dignity despite mental and health disabilities

Homeless Programs

Teens and Transitional Housing