Arcana Foundation, Inc.

What We Fund

Programs We Passionately Fund

Areas of Funding

Arcana focuses exclusively in social services within (or that serve the residents) of the District of Columbia.


Adolescent Programs

Behavioral Health & Wellbeing, Job & Life Skills Training

How can Arcana improve social services and the future of Washington, DC? It is important to first consider the future adults of this city. Education and mental health of adolescents can only strengthen their stance. Familiarizing these kids to the latest marketable skill sets, along with exposure and engagement to possible careers will provide viable options for their future purpose.

The issue of education or lack thereof has been a constant concern. Prior focus was targeted on the quality of education and its facilities; however, it is the students and their own unique situations in specific and growing parts of the District. In the school system, prevailing situations of truancy and general delinquency are big problems. In these circumstances, students need the support of professionals to guide them…but more important is the positive attention that is given outside the classroom. There should always be programs that organize mentorships to promote social skills and life skills. There are also a number of homeless students in each high school in the District, and there are few programs that specifically address this. The desired outcome is that all needs of all teens are addressed, and they are well informed of possible opportunities for their future.

Senior PRograms

Stimulating a sense of dignity despite mental and health disabilities

DC provides about $43 Million for the aging and handicapped and there are about 108,000 aging residents. This does not cover the needs of many and services in some areas are diluted.

Homeless Programs

Teens and Transitional Housing

DC provides $257 Million in funding for homeless needs, and there are many programs that address homelessness in different levels. An example would be an affordable housing program, which is an attractive partnership with construction and building investors. In reality, the affordability (which is factored out with the tenant’s income) is not quite attainable for many. These sorts of programs are not ones we support.

Arcana supports programs of Transitional Housing in very small groups. These are programs that provide temporary housing for specific needs of certain demographics, such as abused women or teens (dismissed from their homes) because they no longer qualify for the foster care system. These programs guide and monitor their residents toward self-sustainability, partnering with other programs to access possible opportunities.